Exterior cleaning

Hand wash only or car wash quicky?

Whether you’re looking for gentle handwash products that don’t harm the materials or effective pre-treatments for a quick trip through the car wash – NIGRIN has the right specialist product for every type of car care:

From the powerful classic car shampoo through convenient 2-in-1 formulas with integrated sealant to special cleaning and care products for a vast range of automobile applications and materials ...

Particularly for all the car enthusiasts who love cleaning their pride and joy, we offer efficient product solutions for every part of the vehicle:

  • Shampoos for gentle, through handwashing
  • Special cleaners such as tree sap, rust bloom or insect remover
  • Products to clean, treat and seal plastic
  • Metal polish and care products
  • Special cleaning and sealing products for fabric soft tops for convertibles
  • Practical professional accessories
Rims / Tyres

Double and series winner!

The smart look of rims and tyres plays a major part in the overall appearance of the vehicle. That’s why every single car driver cleans and cares for them – and most of them use NIGRIN!

NIGRIN  is Germany’s market leader in the wheel rim cleaner segment: Our complete range is the #1, and our PERFORMANCE wheel rim cleaner EvoTec has been the top-selling product for years (GfK Panelmarkt 2019).

And rightly so, because NIGRIN Performance wheel rim cleaner EvoTec has everything and can do everything that users expect today: a highly-efficient, self-activating cleaning effect combined with a special, pH-neutral, skin-kind, acid-free formula with proven material compatibility for all rim types and a reliable effect indicator.

For glossy tyres

… with care and conditioning – NIGRIN tyre care products! They make tyres look years younger and are incredibly quick and easy to use.

Paint care

Maintaining value and showing respect

It’s the surface that shows how much we love our nearest and dearest. And that’s where our expertise in materials and equipment shows too – ensuring lasting care and a brilliant finish for paintwork:

Whether it’s drivers who just polish their cars now and again or ambitious car enthusiasts, whether the paintwork is new, slightly weathered or old and dull – NIGRIN has the solution to suit every need, every purse and every type of vehicle, whatever the value.

The NIGRIN paint care range covers everything anyone could need for the gentle care and protective preservation of paint, and for the treatment, SMART repair and full repair of all types of paint condition and damage ... including accessories for perfect application.

Our PERFORMANCE paint care series shines here, with its combination of outstanding performance and super-simple application – thanks to the NIGRIN “easy-care” formula, there is no need for time-consuming final buffing. Our BLACK LABEL Premium range offers high-end solutions to meet the highest standards.


Perspective and foresight!

When it comes to windscreens, it’s safety that counts, rather than appearance or maintaining value. Irritating diffused light and reflections caused by dirty, scratched windscreens are a danger to driver safety.

NIGRIN windscreen cleaner mean you’ll quickly have a clear, dazzle-free view even in rain, snow and darkness and against oncoming light. They effectively dissolve and remove even stubborn stains like tree sap or insects.

For clear visibility and great overall vision, NIGRIN offers:

  • Concentrates and ready-to-use mixes for screen washing systems all year round
  • Special winter products, such as de-icers etc.
  • Special cleaners for manual windscreen cleaning or removing stickers/tax discs inside and outside
  • Products for the treatment and smoothing of worn windscreens and for screen sealing
  • A wide range of practical accessories
Engine / Technology / Garage

Man and machine!

Car enthusiasts are fascinated by technology – especially if they can maintain their classic cars and youngtimers themselves.

NIGRIN is exactly the right brand for DIY experts and all those who love tinkering, because we provide the professional “liquid tool” for it.

NIGRIN offers a full range of engine, technology and garage products:

  • Lubricants and separating agents, greases and oils
  • Rust removers
  • Garage and technical cleaners
  • Consumables for brakes, coolers, etc.
  • Practical tools for technical and garage use
Bodywork / Underbody

Repairing and reconstructing

The NIGRIN complete range for bodywork repair and maintenance is systematically structured step by step and easy to understand even for less experienced DIY fans.

From rust treatment through GFRP modelling and bodywork fillers to paint layering and clear varnish finishing – the individual system components work reliably together, whatever the extent of the damage, so that, with a little bit of skill, it’s possible to produce very successful results.

The NIGRIN range also includes various solutions for underbody protection, cavity sealing and the repair of exhaust systems.

Textile cleaning

Insider knowledge

Carpets, seat upholstery, roof liners and so on present a tough challenge for cleaning and care products: On the one hand, the proven material compatibility must be guaranteed for all sorts of natural and synthetic fibres, including imitation leathers, used in very different generations of vehicles – and on the other, they need to ensure effective cleaning and stain removal.

NIGRIN’s specialist textile products meet these demanding criteria:

Leather care

Beauty needs protection

The very first NIGRIN product – the great granddaddy of all NIGRIN products, as it were – was a leather care and polishing cream. It gave us our name and its success formed the basis for our more than 120-year history.

Leather as a material and its cleaning and care are therefore part of our DNA, so we offer a whole range of products to suit every demand and every leather quality:

  • for a quick "freshen up" now and again or for a full preservation treatment
  • for cleaning and removal of discolouration and dirt
  • for nutrition, care and lasting protection with high-quality oils and waxe
Plastic care

Looking good and anti-ageing

Plastics are more vulnerable than people think: Temperature fluctuations between extreme cold and heat and UV radiation can quickly cause them to look grey, brittle and old before their time. So cleaning and caring for plastics not only makes them look new again, it also – most importantly – helps the vehicle to last longer and retain its value.

NIGRIN offers a whole range of tested special care products for the plastics used in vehicles:

  • for a quick "care and colour freshen-up" and for intense, deep care
  • for a silky matt or high-gloss surface finish
  • for hygienic disinfection
  • for improving the smell with room fragrances
Care accessories

We’ve got what you need:

Accessories are not all the same. We are aware of how our products are applied and we know how they work, simply and reliably. That’s why we offer a complete range of application accessories, aids and tools to make sure that NIGRIN products are as effective as they can be.

Most developments are based on our experience in practice, such as our practical wheel rim brushes, the optimised structures and weaves of our special microfibre cloths or our ingenious finger flannels.

For regular users and DIY fans, NIGRIN accessories offer practical solutions to make work easier, such as:

Winter products

For snow and ice

Winter makes particular demands on materials and technology, on the driver and the vehicle. The NIGRIN winter collection is up to it, with:

Whether it’s ready-to-use mixes, an economical concentrate, or super-efficient high concentrate – pure, top-quality bioethanol in NIGRIN windscreen de-icers gives optimum cleaning results safely and in a flash. Whatever form it takes, material compatibility is guaranteed.

The NIGRIN canisters with integrated filling aid are carefully thought-out and wonderfully practical. The closure system has a pull-out pourer which, together with the venting system in the carrying handle, makes filling clean, convenient and loss-free.

CARAVAN cleaning / care

At home and on the road

NIGRIN knows its way around vehicle care. And so it’s obvious that we’ll also be able to offer the right solutions for the specific cleaning and care requirements of motor homes and caravans when it comes to their size, interior fittings and usage.

The NIGRIN CARAVAN range covers special products for:

  • exterior cleaning and care, including special cleaners and accessories
  • interior cleaning including sanitary ware
  • cleaning of plastic and glass surfaces
  • cleaning and care of canopies and grills
MOTO-BIKE motorcycle care

Easy Ride or complicated Case?

Paint, metal, chrome, rubber, leather, plastic ... the material mix of motorcycles and scooters is our specialist field! That’s why NIGRIN MOTO-BIKE provides everything to do with the cleaning, care and value retention of motorised two-wheelers, supplemented by special solutions from the NIGRIN car care range such as metal polishing paste or leather care products.

The NIGRIN MOTO-BIKE range offers tested, simple, safe cleaning and care products for:

  • the specific material mix of motorcycles and scooters
  • all relevant chain types
  • and safety helmets
BIKE-CARE bicycle care

Bike fit – like it

When it comes to cleaning bicycles, it’s maintaining value and functionality that counts, rather than looks. The focus is on the care and conservation of the bike, especially the moving parts, because dirt encourages rust formation, blocks mechanical functions and thus affects ease of operation and smooth running.

For over 20 years now, NIGRIN has also provided a complete range of products for the cleaning and care of bicycles, which we have now expanded to meet the specific requirements of e-bikes:

  • bicycle cleaning and care
  • chain cleaning and care
  • practical helpers when you’re touring