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Partners to professional drifters Alex and Corinna Gräff

Gräff Motorsport

Spectacular DRIFT & DRIVE from the Gräffs!

The team led by drifting professionals Alex Gräff and his wife Corinna Gräff – the “Driftbeast” – are passionate supporters of the motorsport known as “drifting”. And so are we. That’s why we support the team in its work on the vehicles at events, trade fairs and shows. Because of their skill and dedication, the Gräffs have been extremely popular and highly respected in the motor racing scene for many years – and yet they run their team and the “racing stable” on a part-time basis.

The public at large became aware of Alex and Corinna through the Netflix show "Hyperdrive" by and with Charlize Theron. The Gräffs were the only representatives of Germany to take part in the show, which was a mix of “The Fast and the Furious“, “Grand Theft Auto” and “Ninja Warrior”. In the series, Corinna was able to demonstrate just why she’s been nicknamed the "Driftbeast": She was the only woman to reach the final! Another season is planned for this year ...

Alex Gräff

For Alex, it’s all about the car: In his main job as a test driver, with his family and wife “Driftbeast” Corinna, and part-time with his own motor racing team – and always when it comes to working on the 5 vehicles in the racing stable.

His love and fascination for cars and motor racing brought him to drifting – and he’s become a true champion in this discipline. His two Guinness records for the fastest and the longest drifts demonstrate his skill.

Corinna Gräff

In motor racing, Corinna is one of the fastest women in Europe. Alex and Corinna have been a successful team for many years – both on the track and at home and in the garage.

As participants in the Netflix show "Hyperdrive", she beat off some top-level competitors and was the only woman to reach the final. Corinna’s a real superwoman – she’s not actually a full-time racing driver, and she achieved this alongside a full-time job, plus running a home and family and looking after and organising the team. Respect!

BMW E28 M5

Year built: 1986

Engine: BMW 5.0 V8 / 452 HP

The “Heiligsblechle” was one of the “Hyperdrive” vehicles.


Year built: 1999

Engine: BMW 2.8 I6 / 320 HP Kompressor

The show project was constructed at a trade fair within 3 days.

BMW E92 M3 GT2

Year built: 2010

Engine: BMW 5.0  V8 / 450 HP

A GT2 widening kit, which is also used in DTM, was fitted to the BMW E92 M3.

BMW F82 M4

Year built: 2015

Engine: BMW 4.0 V8 / 750 HP G-Power Kompressor

With the Paravan SpaceDrive technology, the M4 can be driven without a steering column using a joystick and achieves over 750 HP.

Source: Ascheberg Foto

Mercedes E 500

Year built: 2012

Engine: BMW 5.0 V8 / 400 HP

Right! The 5.0 V8 of a BMW M5 was fitted into this E 500! Perfect for the "Driftbeast" in the "Hyperdrive" challenge.

Source: NETFLIX "Hyperdrive"

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