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The NIGRIN brand

A symbol of high-quality protection and care for 125 years

Gives an elegant mirror finish


It all started with a leather polishing cream …

Gentner was a hardworking, inventive young chemist from Swabia who knew as much about business as he did about science. Right from the start, he made use of what we now call marketing, known earlier as advertising. He created various brands for his different cleaning and care products.

For what is probably his most famous, most popular product from the Chemische Fabrik Carl Gentner o.H.G. zu Göppingen – his black shoe and leather polishing cream – he created the name NIGRIN, taken from the Latin word “nigrum” = black.

In 1896, he marketed his successful product for the first time, with the chimney sweep as its symbol – and what is now the time-honoured brand NIGRIN was born.

This is how the 125-year old history of the traditional brand NIGRIN began in 1896.

Dr Carl Gentner realised how important a popular identifying feature is in creating trust and success among customers. Which is why he used the chimney sweep, known as a symbol of good luck everywhere, as the trademark for his wide range of advertising campaigns, which were sometimes quite spectacular by the standard of the times. He used it, for example, for his giant chimney sweeps on stilts who made the brand and products famous in the towns and countryside.

Importantly, they established NIGRIN as one of the most important shoe cream brands in the 1920s to 1940s in Germany.

Photo: Eduard Junk · Source: Roland Klinger

The years of Germany’s “economic miracle” brought increasing wealth for many. The steep rise in in popularity of the car opened up new opportunities and business areas for the chemical cleaning and care products brand: The first range of NIGRIN car care products was introduced in 1963, marking the start of the “more recent” success story of NIGRIN as a specialist in everything to do with the appearance, protection and value retention of “Germany’s favourite child” ...

In 1974, the company now known as MTS GmbH & Co. KG took over all the formulae, production rights and protected NIGRIN trademarks – and also the enterprising spirit and solid values of the founder and the brand.

Car care made easy

Producing the best results simply and reliably

This has been NIGRIN’s strength from the start – in every respect. Following this principle, we have been steadily continuing to develop our products and product ranges for almost 60 years. Because everything is changing: The requirements of both materials and the market, and also our customers’ wishes.

Cutting-edge technologies and our closeness to our customers helps us to reach our goal: the best possible application result with maximum ease of use combined with the best possible value for money. We work hard and with determination to achieve this.

In this way, NIGRIN has become one of the leading car care brands in the German-speaking world. And this is reflected time again as we come out top in tests, are named top sellers and receive prestitious prizes, such as the TheoAward, presented to the most popular brands in the tuning scene.

„Made in Germany” ideas and quality

Our experience forms the basis for our knowledge; our ambition turns into ideas. We share our customers’ fascination and passion for cars. Which is why we know what car fans want and need: Well-developed high-performance formulae, such as the formula for our no. 1 wheel rim cleaner EvoTec, professional system components such as our range for reliable bodywork repair and treatment, along with practical, convenient solutions for rapid results, such as our "Brillant-Wachs" Detailer.

Whether it’s drivers who just polish their cars now and again or ambitious car enthusiasts who love DIY – everyone will find what they need at NIGRIN: for interior and exterior, for paintwork, leather, glass, plastics and metals, for classic cars and new models, for summer and winter, for two or four wheels, from a Mini to a caravan ... and even for repairs to the bodywork, exhaust and underbody, engine and technical components ...

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